Shark Teeth

Primordial and timeless, fossil shark teeth have captivated the imagination of jewelry designers for hundreds of years. With their sinister elegance and mesmerizing shapes and colors, they reflect the fascination jewelry lovers have for life in the sea.

Shark teeth are among the most common and sought-after fossils in the world and are found on every continent. Sharks have existed for a very long time and most fossil teeth are millions of years old. Many of the teeth we use in our jewelry creations were found in the fossil beds of coastal South Carolina, which are famous for their incredible preservation and beautiful colors. The colors in the teeth are due to the minerals in the sediments in which they were originally buried. As the tooth fossilizes, it is replaced by the minerals surrounding it and will change to the colors of those minerals. Note that when a tooth is darker colored, it does not mean that it is older than those of a lighter color.       

Depending on the feeding styles of the shark, some teeth are serrated, like steak knives, while others have have smooth, dagger-like sharp edges, or long, slender pointed blades for grasping prey. This variation in shapes, sizes and patterns allows us to design pendants and earrings in a wide variety of styles. We only select teeth that are the most aesthetically-pleasing and are in excellent condition. We do not use any teeth that have serious flaws, like broken tips or chips out of the blade, so you can be assured your shark tooth selection will be totally unique and of the highest quality.

All the teeth we use in our jewelry are fossilized; none are from modern-day sharks.