What is electroforming?

Electroforming is a jewelry process where multiple layers of metals are allowed to build up, or “form” onto a surface. The artist can control where the metal will form on the jewelry piece by first painting the pattern on the item with a special, electro-conductive paint. When the item is suspended in a plating tank, a current is supplied to it that allows the metal to start “forming” where the paint has been applied. Once the electroforming has reached the desired thickness and effect, the final coat of 18kt gold is plated. The gold is very bright and reflective and it has additives that makes it very durable.

Protective coating

For even greater durability and abrasion resistance, the gold on each jewelry piece has had a baked-on, totally invisible and undetectable protective coating applied. This coating will offer much more protection and durability and will never fade, tarnish, or change color under normal use. However, since electroformed gold is not the same as solid gold, I do not offer any guarantees or warranties on the life of the gold plating or other metal components.

Caring for Your Jewelry

I recommend that electroformed pendants be treated like any other quality jewelry, and not be worn when bathing or swimming. When storing the jewelry for prolonged periods, store it at room temperature, in a relatively low-humidity area. After prolonged wear, wiping the electroformed gold with a soft cloth will help restore the original luster.