Fossil Sand Shark Tooth Earrings with Chevron Accent Beads

Earth Relics Jewelry Company

SKU: 2072

Featuring a pair of genuine fossilized sand shark teeth, these sand shark earrings capture the captivating allure of the deep to create a mesmerizing statement piece.

Carefully matched for size, color, and shape, these teeth have been handcrafted to capture the sinister beauty of the natural world. Chevon-shaped accent beads are included to compliment the natural earthy hues of this unique pair. Accented with durable 18k electroformed gold, the delicate trim enhances the inherent beauty of the teeth and tells a silent story of ancient oceans and prehistoric predators. An invisible protective coating has been applied to the gold for abrasion resistance and greater durability while gold-filled earring wires ensure comfortable wear all day long. 

Each shark tooth measures around 1 inch in length and the total earring height is 2.25 inches.