Fossil Shark Tooth Earrings

Earth Relics Jewelry Company

SKU: 2043

These fossil shark teeth are from an extinct snaggle-toothed shark, easily recognized by its curved blade and serrated edge. This type of shark tooth is highly prized by fossil collectors the world over for their unusual symmetry and beauty. The roots have been electroformed in a durable, abrasive-resistant 18kt gold and have had a totally invisible, baked-on protective coating applied for abrasion resistance and greater durability.
  The gold-filled wires are accented with three chevron-shaped beads that shimmer with rainbow metallic colors when turned in any light. The teeth are in excellent condition and have been matched for size, shape and color. No two shark teeth are alike so your shark tooth jewelry selection will be totally unique. These shark tooth earrings are totally unlike any others found on the internet or in stores.