Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace with Gold Accent & 18k Electroformed Gold on Gold-Filled Chain

Earth Relics Jewelry Company

SKU: 2162

Embrace the power of the ancient ocean with this captivating Hemipristis shark tooth necklace.

Featuring a genuine fossilized Hemipristis shark tooth, this handcrafted necklace accentuates the sharp serrations and natural beauty of the tooth with brilliant 18k electroformed gold trim. An invisible protective coating has been added for greater durability and abrasion-resistance. This stunning necklace is finished with a delicate gold-filled box chain for comfortable wear. This unique necklace is the the perfect gift for anyone who appreciate natural history, loves sharks teeth, or simply wants to add of touch of power and elegance to their style.

The shark tooth pendant measures approximately 1.20 inches in height and the gold-filled chain measures 18 inches.