Limited-Time Specials: Heliacus Shell Connectors (Earring Pairs)

Earth Relics Jewelry Company

SKU: QD_dblrng_heliacuspair_5

Elevate your jewelry creations with these captivating Heliacus shell earring pairs, which feature a double-ring design to allow for additional elements!

Each stunning earring pair has been hand-selected and matched for exceptional quality, ensuring a premium product for your creations. Each pair is handcrafted and trimmed with brilliant 18k electroformed gold to compliment the unique, organic beauty of the shells. Additionally, a clear protective coating has been applied to the gold for greater durability and abrasion resistance. Ready to use and versatile, these shells are suitable for a wide range of styles, from bohemian chic to modern minimalist.

Due to natural variation in the shells, exact patterns, colors, and sizes may differ slightly. Each shell measures approximately .5 in diameter.