Quantity Discount: Corner Ring Fossil Shark Tooth Pendants with 18k Electroformed Gold

Earth Relics Jewelry Company

SKU: QD_teeth_gold_corner_5

Featuring genuine fossil shark teeth, this collection features an assortment of different types of shark teeth with a single corner ring. 

Each shark tooth is hand-selected for exceptional quality. Only the most flawless and visually striking teeth are chosen to become these captivating pendants, ensuring a truly premium product for your creations. Each tooth is accented with brilliant 18k electroformed gold and includes an invisible protective coating on the gold for greater durability and abrasion resistance.

These teeth are suitable for a wide range of creative applications and cater to many diverse design styles and preferences. Each piece is ready made to incorporate into a variety of jewelry designs, art projects or decorative accents.

Due to the natural variation, the exact shapes, size and colors will differ. The teeth range from .5 inch to 1 inch in length.